Saturday, 4 May 2013

Huge apologies.....

Huge apologies to all my followers but I really have been lazy updating my blog!!
I must try harder!
But I haven't been lying around the house watching daytime telly....I have been working very hard to create some wonderful new pieces for you to look at, enjoy and maybe even buy when you come and see me at one of the vintage fairs I've been at recently.

One of the many things I've done in the past week is my As level textiles exam!......Lots of prep needed to get through the 8 hour exam which was over the weekend this time last week. I really didn't need to worry....I sailed through without too many panic attacks and in the end was really pleased with the end piece. But so relieved to have it all in the bag so I can now concentrate on work related stuff. ( although I'll be doing it all over again as I'm starting my A2 textiles in September!) I really can't wait!!

Something else that has happened in the past 4 weeks, which some of you will already know, as I've been boring everyone silly with my exciting that I applied to and they offered me a position as one of their Makers to sell with them! This is something that I'm really pleased about. It's early days but I feel it's going to open a lot of doors and hopefully give me more opportunities to get my work noticed.

I'm still very busy with  vintage fairs and sometimes a craft fair......meeting loads of lovely people who give me compliments about my work.
I'm now an official stockist of Pretty Nostalgic magazine. It's such a wonderful magazine full of loveliness that everyone should have a copy!

When I've got a minute, in between making and attending fairs, I'll try and remember to jot down a list of events I'll be at in the next few weeks......and then you'll be able to pop by and say 'hello!'
Hope you're all having a lovely evening!

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